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Welcome to! We are an organization dedicated to helping preschool age children with disabilities become part of their communities, one friendship at a time. Won't you join us?

  • Our volunteers from FREE

    Thanks so much to our volunteers from FREE (Family Residences and Essential Enterprises), for their help in our office last Thursday! They helped to pack puppets to welcome our newest pals into our program and pack Play Dates in a Box for our latest matches. Lauren, Joe, Brian and Michael did a fantastic job and we look forward to their help again.
  • Feedback makes me happy!

    As part of our matching program for inclusive play dates, we enclose a feedback postcard when a match is made. The last couple of postcards we received have had such positive feedback and the families really seem to have hit it off. It makes me so happy when the match and subsequent play date are successful. So happy that I want everyone waiting for a match to have a pal as soon as possible! With that goal in mind, I'm asking all of you to share with your friends, families, PTAs, SEPTAs, school principals, EI providers, and anyone else you know that may have a child ages 2-5. Please help us find a friend for all of our waiting pals!
  • Lots of Pals

    While October 2016 is not quite over, it is already one for the record books! This month we have welcome 26 new pals into our program. I love when we meet new families!
  • Thank You St. Dominic’s High School!

    Thank you to all the volunteers from St. Dominic High School in Oyster Bay for coming out to help share the mission of inclusion at the Oyster Festival this past weekend! Saturday's volunteers: Julia Volberg, Catherine McAuliffe, Rebecca Kelly, Francesca Minicozzi, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Lauren Kennedy, Christopher McDermott, Isabella Robles, Jonathan Looney, Allison Montefusco and Makela Flanagan. Sunday's volunteers: Sarah Buonaguro, Beth Garrison, Ally Blair, Gianna Renaldo, Jamie Gallo, Julia Palmeri, Anna Kirk, Ryan Poole, Mick Brennan, Mike Assini, Jordan Kurgie, and Sean Monaghan.

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