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Welcome to! We are an organization dedicated to helping preschool age children with disabilities become part of their communities, one friendship at a time. Won't you join us?

  • Team-Up-Tuesdays

    Make-a-Match Mondays are so much fun, we've decided to add Team-Up-Tuesdays! The goal of both alliterative days is the same, to find a new friend for every child who wants to make a friend. So please share our program with your family and friends who have children ages two, three, four or five years old. We are building communities of inclusion for preschoolers with disabilities, please join us!
  • Make-a-Match Mondays are back!

    It's Monday and that means we are making matches! There is nothing better than finding a match for one of our pals. The feedback from our matches has been overwhelmingly positive. Some pals are matched the very first week they sign up, however some pals will age out of our program never having been matched. You can help make sure everyone can meet a new friend by sharing our program with all of your friends and family. It's a bonus if they have children ages 2,3,4 or 5!
  • Thank you Oyster Bay Main Street Association!

    Thanks to the OBMA for the grant to help purchase the sign for outside our office! We absolutely love it.
  • Thanks Nassau County Girl Scout Troop 211!

    Last Friday night the girls from Troop 211 stopped by with a check for $275.00 to be used toward the purchase of toys for our Play Dates in a Box! The girls donated a portion of the profits from their cookie sales this year. Thanks to their hard work and generosity, we will be able to provide a Play Date in a Box to eleven of our pals. These boxes are sent to families when they have been matched and contain everything the new friends will need for an individual play date. Thank you, Troop 211!

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