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Welcome to! We are an organization dedicated to helping preschool age children with disabilities become part of their communities, one friendship at a time. Won't you join us?

  • Did you see us in Newsday???

    Thank you Kay Blough and Newsday for sharing our mission with your readers! If you've found us because of the article on Sunday, September 4, 2016, on page 2 of the LILife section, please leave a comment below and let us know!
  • Our 5K is on the way!

    In less than two weeks we will be holding the Inaugural A Run Through History 5K/Family Fun Run/Walk! On Saturday, September 10, 2016, and the HPSNetwork are teaming up for this event. Please join us as a runner/walker or as a race day volunteer. Just click on the EVENTS tab! I'd like to thank everyone at HPSNetwork for partnering with us for this event and all of their hard work making the run/walk a reality. Thanks, too, to Debra Milano for guiding both our organizations through the process of setting up a 5K/Fun Run/Walk and for her patience as we learned along the way. Her invaluable assistance has been most appreciated. Looking forward to a fabulous day and raising money and awareness for and HPSNetwork!!!
  • Ahhh, August…

    Ahhh, many of you, I am always stunned when it seems like summer is just getting started and then I blink, and it's August! For many of our pals the countdown to the first day of kindergarten has started and with this comes many emotions. While most parents are anxious and excited for this milestone, the anxiety can be quite overwhelming for the parent of a child with a disability or delay. Did I choose the right school? Did I choose the right placement? Self contained? 6:1:2? 8:1:2? 12:1:2? An inclusion class? General Ed with an aide or General Ed without an aide? Without knowing your specific situation and because everyone's experience will be different and challenging in different ways, I can't guarantee that your choice is the best choice for your child. What I can guarantee is that whatever happens on the first day of school will be okay in the long run. If your child's placement isn't quite right, work with your team and know you can always go back to CSE. Try to enjoy the first day...prepare as best you can and plan to do something kind for yourself. It is a big day, but it's just the first day.
  • A RunThrough History Inaugural 5K/Family Fun Run/Walk

    Wow! Only 41 days until the Inaugural A Run Through History! We are getting excited and trying to get ready for our first 5K/Family Fun Run/Walk. If you are wondering how you can help, wonder no more. We need volunteers! We need runners! We need sponsors! We need water! Email me at to volunteer on September 10th. We need folks at the registration tables and along the route. Click on the EVENTS tab to become a sponsor or a runner. You can drop off gallons of water at the new office: 123 Audrey Avenue, 1st Floor, Oyster Bay. Give us a call to let us know you're coming...516-922-4300. Looking forward to a fantastic day raising money and awareness for and HPSNetwork!

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